The IACTCenter Difference

Here's what our students are saying about the IACTCenter...

Julien Mussi, United Kingdom, Fall 2015

This course and the support team that ensure everything ticks over are both formidable. Yet it doesn’t feel like work, which is the best bit. Now usually there are drawbacks and challenges that drain one’s energies, but it’s almost the reverse here. The program itself seems to draw like and openminded folk so I’d say just sign on the dotted line and pull up your seat. I can’t see how you could regret it.

Julien Mussi, United Kingdom, Fall 2015

Laurie is receptive and respectful of class members' contributions. She uses real examples from her work or family for illustrations. The written material for the class is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read (learner friendly). If one wants to be immersed, there are a lot of classes and workshops offered. The Friday coaching workshop provides good exposure to the rhythm and challenges of a coaching session. Feedback is detailed and instructive.

IACTCenter Student, Fall 2015
Rachel Howard, Fall 2015

Laurie Dupar is a natural leader who embraces a non-judgmental mindset. She’s warm, accessible and has great communication skills. Laurie brings her extensive experience as an ADHD Coach and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to deliver excellent content as the principal presenter/trainer for the IACTCenter (International ADHD Coach Training Center).   Learning with Laurie has enriched my life multi-fold.

Rachel Howard, Fall 2015
Shaun Roney, Fall 2015

As an inaugural student of Laurie Dupar’s IACTCenter program, the information that I’ve learned thus far is invaluable. In addition to being taught the ins and outs of life coaching, I have received such an in depth education on ADHD - its history, how it presents, treatment options, its positive qualities and so much more. Built into the program, Laurie holds various business sessions and workshops that the IACTCenter students are invited to take part in (at no additional cost!).  These workshops cover what’s needed to launch your coaching business.  Topics include obtaining clients, social media, building your website and finances.  Finally, the Coaching Workshops offer her students the opportunity to dive right into coaching and practice with each other live. This alone was worth its weight in gold! Often the fear of starting can keep a coach from being successful. Laurie offers us the opportunity to take massive action rather than passive action, all within a safe space.

Shaun Roney, Fall 2015
Robin Livingston-Richter, Spring 2016

I have gained so much as a IACTCenter student. Learning about my own strengths, talents, passions, interests and values has encouraged me to do some deep soul-searching and redefining of my ADHD Coaching business, and my own life. The LifeSpan sessions have been super helpful and learning how ADHD manifests itself differently at different times in a person’s life was both eye-opening and affirming. I have loved our conversations, questioning and opportunities to coach, be coached, and observe. I look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays because I love belonging in a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to helping others with ADHD. Together we can share, learn and grow. I was a bit hesitant about a virtual classroom, but it is personalized. Laurie's use of language and her strength-based approach honors each person. I have such a freeing feeling that I am becoming a coach and my job will be to guide others to their goals. As a psychotherapist, I loved what I used to do, but I look forward to the next chapter in my passion-driven career more!

Robin Livingston-Richter, Spring 2016, Stigma2Strength
Sarah Hammond, Spring 2016

I cannot emphasize enough what a great decision I made to sign up for Laurie Dupar’s IACTCenter program!  I had previously completed another life coach training the year before without getting what I needed to launch my coaching career. This time I will do it because along with the 6 months of IACTCenter’s live class training Laurie offers every step of the way support for students for an entire year! The IACTCenter coach-in-training program supports you towards certification, furthers your coaching skills, provides real mentor coach feedback, and ongoing guidance on starting a coaching practice.

Sarah Hammond, Spring 2016
Rebecca Johnson, Fall 2016

I wanted to let you know how my excitement continues to grow around being a part of this training program.  I feel like I almost have my own private teacher and resonate so much with your coaching style.  I feel that I am definitely in exactly the right program.  Thanks so much for doing this!  You are a great teacher.

Rebecca Johnson, Fall 2016
Christine Bavaro, Fall 2016

As the end of this inspiring course draws near, I must tell you how much I enjoyed your teaching, openness and insights into living with ADHD.  As a result, I have a clearer framework of what to be aware of when coaching someone with ADHD.  Aside from valuing everything that I learned, the “take aways” for me are the nuances of ADHD and how they influence behaviors, as well as the neurological and biochemical impact on the person. This deeper understanding far surpassed my expectations.

The Associate Coach Training course more than lived up to its description.  It is well organized and clearly presented with an abundance of informational handouts detailing everything you need to know about ADHD and coaching. The inclusion of the Coaching Lab providing students the opportunity to share and practice their skills has been helpful in pulling it all together.  This course is priceless and should be part of every college teaching, counseling and special needs degree program.

I am so grateful that I found your training.  As a licensed mental health counselor and marriage and family therapist, I have worked with many people with undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactive symptoms that were at the root of their anxiety, depression and relationship issues.  This course has sharpened my knowledge of ADHD and the importance of addressing the impact of ADHD on a person’s life.  I will take all this away with me and am a better coach because of it.  Thanks so much, Laurie.

Christine Bavaro, Fall 2016 , Vision to Action Solutions
Cathy Goett, Fall 2016 Student

Wow, Laurie, like everyone else in our class, the IACTCenter has been life changing. The class was so enjoyable and full of information. I have learned so much. The written material was clear and easy to read. The classes were very helpful as you provided real life examples of ADHD coaching sessions. I learned so much more about ADHD and I thought I had learned it all.

The most important idea I will take away from this class is how you focused on the positives of having ADHD, not the negative notions we always hear about. I, for now on, will think of a person with ADHD as having 31 awesome qualities such as "out of the box thinker, resilient, tenacious, and so many more.

As a coach, it will be my job and pleasure to help them get focused and move on to a bright future.

Cathy Goett, Fall 2016 Student
Chris Lassiter, M.S.A., Raleigh, NC, Spring 2016 Student

As a current student of the IACT Center and a future ADHD coach, I cannot say enough about the IACT experience and Laurie Dupar’s distinguished facilitation of our learning. Laurie’s background experience and diverse professional expertise are one-of-a-kind!  Laurie embeds in each module class and coaching skills session (1) a dynamic blend of research; (2) personal and professional wisdom; (3) purposeful modelling of best practices and approaches; and cutting edge pedagogy aligned to the 21st Century model of professional coaching and business entrepreneurship. I can attest sincerely that I have grown in my own personal self-awareness, in my confidence of becoming an accomplished future ADHD coach, and in the multi-faceted knowledge essential to becoming an effective ADHD specialist. And the most telling compliment of all for Laurie……she has never left my (or any other IACT participant’s) side throughout this transcendent journey!

Chris Lassiter, M.S.A., Raleigh, NC, Spring 2016 Student

I owe so much to Laurie Dupar and IACT as I learned what ADD is and what one can do about it.  I would not be where I am today, if it were not for Laurie.  The day I met Laurie, was the day my life began.  My journey is not complete, and my journey has been non stop.  I have accomplished so much since March 2015.

My life has only gotten better since I started working with the IACT program.  The road to recovery from ADHD is not for the faint at heart, and as we know, there are very few ADDers that are faint at heart.  Patience and perseverance are helpful to us.  Our tribe includes some very tough go getters!  We work hard and we are motivated to move mountains!  That is why we make such great clients!

J.L., Fall 2015 Student

I’d like to begin by saying a big thank you to you for teaching this class, and teaching it with such passion. I can very much tell how much you believe in coaching, and I find it so inspiring and motivating.

I have learned so much from this course that I didn’t even realize I didn’t know or understand. I can honestly say walking away from the first part of this coaching program that I not only understand myself better but my children and everyone out there with ADHD. I find myself consistently being more patient and understanding!

I strongly believe to raise good kids, have patience and enjoy life we need to work on ourselves. I have read many parenting books and now ADHD parenting books and behaviour books and they have all circled me back to working on myself! The information I learned in this course allowed me to learn about me, learn more about myself and it’s bettering my journey to personal development!!! Which is so exciting!!!!

One of the biggest things I will take away from this course is that we all are unique, our ADHD shows up different in all of us. On top of that learning about comorbidity helped open my eyes a lot too!

I think learning about the positive sides of ADHD was my favourite part because I am such a positive person naturally. It’s so important to always see the positive side of everything.

My older son actually shared with me how he was so excited because he used his super power in science class and got a lot of work done, hyper focus!!!!!! It was nice to see he is picking up on the little seeds I am planting about the positive sides.  🙂

Heidi Sampson, Foundations of ADHD, Spring 2018

I am almost halfway through the second module of IACT coach training with Laurie Dupar and I am thrilled! I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding experience.

In the Foundation Module I learned a ton, I challenged myself and I got back much of the enthusiasm that I had lost in the last few years. The friendly, open-minded and welcoming environment also let me curb my perfectionism and have fun during our weekly calls.

The classes were perfectly structured and well balanced, providing all the needed information while staying concise enough not to cause overload. Each topic is clearly explained and the live calls are a time of refreshing, insightful sharing.

I would recommend this course not only to aspiring coaches but to anyone who would like to get a clearer perspective on ADHD.

Erica BruCe, Spring 2018 Student