Julien Mussi Scholarship

“Being a coach for me is the result of my own experience as an adult with ADHD in the United Kingdom. Following my own diagnosis at 36 I am able to understand, empathize and hope to inspire other adults and juveniles with the disorder. As a criminal lawyer who has personally experienced substance misuse and self-medication of undiagnosed ADHD starting from a young age, I plan to use my professional experience to make a difference for other adults and adolescents with ADHD in the UK so they have the support, resources and services they deserve.”      ~Julien Mussi, 2015

Julien Mussi was a student from the UK in our inaugural pilot program in the Fall of 2015. Unexpectedly, midway through the program, he passed away leaving a major hole in the program and the ADHD coaching community.
Because of his passion to use his talents, life experience and expertise to make a difference in the world for persons struggling with ADHD, we created the Julien Mussi Scholarship in his honor to further uphold his mission and support the enrollment of students who, like Julien, want to make a difference.
To honor his memory, we encourage you to apply for the scholarship. Those who apply and qualify will receive an honorarium in the amount of $750 that can then be used toward your iACTcenter tuition.

To QUALIFY for the Julien Mussi Scholarship you must

have at least one the following:

  • Be an international student (living outside the United States)
  • Have had a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult
  • Desire to work with adolescents or an underserved population
  • Be experienced or have a passion for working with people with a substance misuse history
  • Be interested or have had experience working in justice system or being an ADHD Advocate


If you would like to be considered for the Julien Mussi Scholarship for the SPRING 2020 Semester, please click the link below and send in the application by APRIL 16, 2020 so we can review it and you have time to sign up by APRIL 16, 2020 to also receive the early bird pricing:

Access the application at Julien Mussi Scholarship and send questions to info@iactcenter.com.