If You Want to be One of the Best Trained World-Class Confident and Compassionate ADHD Life Coaches Setting the Standard and Making a Meaningful Difference in the Lives of Persons Living with ADHD, Then You Don't Want to Miss the Chance to Train with the iACTcenter. 

Choosing a coach training program shouldn't be confusing or overwhelming.

Which is why the iACTcenter meets your unique needs and goals by offering three streamlined options: 1.The Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC) program 2. The iACTcenter Associate Coach (IAC) program, or 3. Foundations of ADHD stand alone course.

You will notice that each class size is limited to only 15 students so that you have the individualized attention you deserve at this level of investment:

  • 1

    Certified ADHD Life Coach Training Program (CALC)

    The Certified ADHD Life Coach Training Program is for you if you want to become a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC). This International Coach Federation (ICF) approved program provides you the most holistic curriculum available and includes learning advanced knowledge of ADHD and mastery of the skills and competencies of a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC). Unique to this program is the concurrent integrated curriculum on building your ADHD Coaching business where you can earn a living while making a difference for many years to come.

  • 2

    iACTcenter Associate Coach Training Program (IAC)

    The iACTcenter Associate Coach (IAC) Training Program is for you if you want to benefit from an in-depth advanced teaching of ADHD and the opportunity to learn the skills and competencies of ADHD life coaching with the intent to include them in your current professional or personal role. Students enrolled in the IAC program move through the courses along with other students, but do not necessarily want to get certified or focus on building a business at this time.

  • 3

    Foundations of ADHD for Coaches Stand Alone Course

    The Foundations for ADHD for Coaches Stand Alone Course is designed to prepare coaches with the advanced knowledge of ADHD they will need as an ADHD Life Coach. This course can also be taken independently from the rest of the ADHD Life Coach training for anyone wanting to benefit from an in-depth and advanced understanding of ADHD, but are not currently pursuing certification as an ADHD Life Coach.

The iACTcenter has combined proven systems and models of traditional ADHD Life Coaching with their characteristic cutting edge approach in order to teach you how to meet the current trends and needs of the ADHD community.

To become a world-class state of the art ADHD Life Coach, you need a world-class state of the art ADHD Life Coach training program.

An advanced comprehensive holistic ADHD Life Coach training program that provides you with the information and experience to become a confident expert on ADHD with the ADHD Life coaching skills to help yourself and your clients truly thrive, just not survive in their lives.

That’s exactly what the International ADHD Coach Training Center provides.

Certified ADHD Coach Training Program

The International ADHD Coach Training Center is a six-month curriculum program divided into three key modules focused on you becoming a truly exceptional ADHD Coach.  The modules include: Foundations of ADHD, Growth: Tools for Awareness and Change, and CORE: Essential Coaching Skills for the ADHD Life Coach.

Foundations of ADHD

The 12 class/6 week (18 hours) Foundations course provides you a comprehensive, advanced 360-degree foundational understanding of ADHD. In this course you move beyond the basics and dig deep into the many layers that explain the "whys" of the ADHD experience.

Click here for what Foundations will cover. +
  • How the ADHD diagnosis is made
  • How people pay attention
  • ADHD and the family
  • Executive functioning and ADHD
  • ADHD at different life stages
  • Co-occurring conditions with ADHD
  • Treatment options
  • Cultural impact on ADHD
  • And more!

Growth: Coaching Tools for Awareness and Change

The 8 week/16 classes, Growth Course (total of 24 hours)  focuses on the skills, techniques and tools you as an ADHD life coach will use to facilitate awareness, change and personal growth with your clients. After this training, you will have your own power-packed ADHD Life Coaching Toolkit filled with resources you will use when working with your clients and supporting them in their success.

Throughout this module, you will work with these tools and concepts yourself, so you compassionately understand what it’s like to be on the receiving end as the client.

Click here for what you'll discover in Growth: +
  • How change happens
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and how they relate to facilitating change
  • Obstacles that prevent change from occurring
  • The grief process of an ADHD diagnosis
  • How negative thinking, what we tolerate and lack of boundaries prevent clients from moving forward
  • How to empower and motivate your clients through the growth process
  • Gardner’s 8 Intelligences, and how to explore them with your clients
  • Love languages to help clients effectively communicate with others
  • How to perform a strengths assessment with your clients
  • Ways to explore your clients obstacles to change
  • And much more

     3RedCORE: Essential Coaching Skills for the ADHD Life Coach

coaching-2-150x150The 8 week/16 classes (total of 24 hours) CORE module will help you master the rigorous coaching skills and competencies you must learn and demonstrate in order to graduate from the iACTcenter and be credentialed by the International Coaching Federation.

Click here to find out what you will learn in CORE: +
  • The 11 core coaching competencies and how they apply to ADHD coaching
  • The ethical guidelines and standards for coaching set by the International Coaching Federation
  • How to help your client set an agenda for coaching sessions
  • Understanding the difference between a conversation and a coach-versation
  • How to coach people to design new strategies and systems to better manage their ADHD using creative brainstorming
  • How to support your client so they can reach their goals
  • How to create doable action steps that have the most chance for your client to succeed
  • The best ways to encourage, champion and support your clients throughout the coaching
  • How to facilitate those life changing “a-ha” moments that result in your clients experiencing the empowerment of figuring it out for themselves

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