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Looking for an ADHD Life Coach? You're in the right place!

Thank you for choosing the iACTcenter to seek out the right coach for your needs! We know that finding a coach can be a challenge so we have compiled this directory of iACTcenter trained coaches to make your search for a coach as easy as possible.

Because coaching is traditionally very effective via the phone, skype or video conferencing, in addition to searching locally for a coach, we recommend widening your search to find a coach that is the best match for you.

Choose your coach from the best and brightest of our graduates in our Alumni Program!

Cathy Goett (pronounced get), CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach)

A trained and certified ADHD Life Coach, Cathy Goett, CALC helps you or your loved one find the awesome qualities and unique strengths you possess so you can stop struggling with your ADHD.

She has lived with the chaos of ADHD in her life for many years as she has loved ones that have ADHD and the other challenges that can sometimes be present with ADHD: learning disabilities, depression and anxiety.

She knows firsthand the road you have traveled looking for answers.

Let her help you get your life back under control. Together you will Explore, Experiment and GOETT FOCUSED.

Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Speciality: She works with people of all ages.

Cathy Goett (pronounced get), CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach), GOETT FOCUSED
Germaine Swanson, MEd. CPC, Eli-MP, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach)

Germaine Swanson is a Life Coach focused on partnering with women who are over 40 and are feeling scattered and uncentered. We work together to regain, refocus and take control of their present with clarity and purpose so they move forward into who they really are.

My passion is working with women who have ADHD.  I have ADHD and have gained skills to understand and live successfully with my ADHD. I am certified in coaching by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) and trained at the International ADHD Coach Training Center (IACTCenter). I have a Masters’ Degree in Special Education from Columbia University Teachers’ College with post graduate work at Boston College and Wheelock College. I am an experienced mentor and instructor with a demonstrated history of working with individuals and groups.  My services are provided by telephone, online or in person.

Website: In process

Michigan Meet Up Group: Down River ADHDDivas  (October)

Location: Direct services by Telephone and Internet. In-person services for Residents of Michigan, USA (especially in Wayne County and “Down River” Michigan, USA)

Speciality: Women over 40 years old

Germaine Swanson, MEd. CPC, Eli-MP, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach), G Swanson ADHD and Life Coach, LLC
Kelly Biltz, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach)

Kelly Biltz, CALC works with parents who need practical life strategies, applications and solutions to help partner with their children. Kelly’s other specialty is coaching teens who need support with time management, prioritizing and executive function challenges. She wants her teen clients to understand how ADHD is impacting their life, so they prepare for the high school and college years successfully.  Kelly is looking forward to earning her ACC credential through the ICF before the end of 2019.

Location: North Carolina

Speciality: Parents of teens with ADHD and Teens with ADHD

Kelly Biltz, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach), Loving GrADDitude

Gillian Fairclough is an ADHD coach and an adult with ADHD herself.  She helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs with ADHD or ADD flourish by working with their ADHD to minimize the challenges they’re facing, make things happen and achieve their goals, whether at home or in their career.

Her background is in the fast-moving corporate and start-up world and, like many of us with ADHD, she also has several entrepreneurial ventures under her belt.  She loves travel and adventure and has lived and worked in Ireland, the UK, the US, Italy and Germany. She previously trained as a career and business coach and has coached clients in Europe, the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Location: Europe

Speciality: Busy professionals and entrepreneurs, people who prefer a coach based in Europe

Language(s) spoken: English

Gillian Fairclough, Flourish ADHD Coaching
Summer M. Christiansen

Summer M. Christiansen, CALC graduated with her bachelors degree in music, but her love of learning and working with people lead her to train as an ADHD Life Coach.  She now works as an ADHD Parenting Coach, helping parents navigate their way through ADHD.  As an individual diagnosed with ADHD at age twelve, she has experience both personally and professionally that allows for connection and understanding with her clients.
Summer has developed the Inside Out ADHD Parenting Approach in which she teaches self transformation as a tool to finding clarity in the parenting journey.  This unique approach focuses inward, helping parents understand themselves and define their role as a parent to their ADHD child.

As an ADHD adult and parent, Summer has seen the power of self transformation in her own life.  By applying her own Inside Out Parenting Approach, she has found clarity in her own life, as well as in her ADHD parenting journey.

Location: Henderson, NV USA

Speciality: Parents of ADHD teens

Language(s) spoken: English

Summer M. Christiansen, Live Life Clearly
Tyler Elizabeth Dorsey

Tyler Elizabeth Dorsey not only works with people who have been diagnosed with ADHD but was also diagnosed with ADHD herself at age 11. She spent most of her life just trying to make it through, but it was when she failed her first semester of college that she decided it was time for a change. This was the moment she accepted her ADHD diagnosis and did everything she could to overcome those struggles.

Tyler graduated from college in 2014, started Focus Forward at the age of 21, received her master’s in educational psychology in 2017 and completed her ADHD Life Coach training in 2019. Because of her experience, Tyler felt called to become an ADHD Life Coach and help others, just like her, understand their ADHD and learn how to turn it into a superpower!

Location: Lexington, KY USA

Speciality: Students with ADHD

Language(s) spoken: English

Tyler Elizabeth Dorsey, Focus Forward LLC
Tara Carman-French, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach)

Tara Carman-French, CALC partners with her clients in creating a supportive, nurturing and collaborative relationship to find individualized and creative solutions to life's challenges as they manifest for the ADHD clients and their children.

With Tara, clients learn how ADHD impacts them uniquely and gain extensive information about what ADHD is and isn't. Together Tara and her clients explore their personal strengths and weaknesses and collaboratively engage in action-based management of their specific brand of ADHD.

Tara encourages active self-actualization towards solutions in all areas of life; education, workplace, parenting, interpersonal relationships, personal and professional goal setting and more.

Location: Burlington & Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Specialty: Parents, individuals over 16 years

Language: English

Tara Carman-French, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach) , Artemis Assessment & Treatment Centre Inc.
Cory Henderson, CALC

Cory Henderson is a proud mother of five sons and grandmother to sixteen wonderful grandchildren. Family is everything to her and she’ll gladly expound on each individual if given the opportunity.

She describes the day she was diagnosed with ADHD as ‘devastating.’ “All I had in my mind were the stereotypical assumptions usually attributed to those stuck with the label and it was discouraging,” she said. With an internal resolve she didn’t realize she possessed, she started on a venture of discovery—one that changed her life in ways she could not have imagined.

Cory became passionate in her studies and is now a Certified ADHD Life Coach. Her greatest desire is to help others better manage their ADHD lives.

“I believe others can benefit from my knowledge, training and experience. I’d like them to learn to do as I believe I have done—turn discouragement into success. Those who have been given the gift of ADHD are creative, resourceful and whole."

Location: Orem, Utah

Speciality: College Students and older adults

Language(s) spoken: English

Cory Henderson, CALC, Owning ADD
Lisa Alecci, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach)

Lisa Alecci, CALC, is a trained and certified ADHD Coach who works primarily with women with ADHD. Using her life experience and the training she received at the IACT Center, she partners with her clients to design strategies to manage their symptoms.

Lisa struggled with forgetfulness, impulsivity, overwhelm, and disorganization her entire life but didn’t know what was wrong. She always felt she had a ‘fatal flaw.’ She searched for answers until she was finally diagnosed with ADHD. Lisa now feels free from the grip of ADHD. She is a mother, daughter, wife and professional so she understands the challenges all these roles present, especially when living with ADHD.

From the moment coaching with Lisa begins, her clients feel supported, empowered and better equipped to manage their life challenges. Lisa’s goal is to help these incredible women find their power and be clear, confident, productive and happy.

Email: lisa@adhdfreedom.com

Website: https://adhdfreedom.com

Location: Denver, CO

Speciality: Adult women

Language(s) spoken: English

Lisa Alecci, CALC (Certified ADHD Life Coach), ADHD Freedom LLC
Susan McGinnis

Susan McGinnis, CALC coaches adults with challenges related to ADHD, using their strengths and interests to create awareness, strategies, and habits that will help them navigate daily life and move toward life goals with greater agency, accomplishment, and ease.

She trained in ADHD coaching at the iACTcenter after a full career including real estate lending, appraising, and bank branch sales and management, and has three adult daughters.

Susan coaches from a belief that the process, companionship, and action-based focus of coaching makes coaching a powerful tool for the creative and intuitive ADHD mind.

Location: Charlottesville, VA USA

Speciality: Adults

Language(s) spoken: English

Susan McGinnis, ADHD Impact Coaching