Are You a H.O. or a B.O.?

Hobby Owner (H.O.) or a Business Owner (B.O.)?

The Five "Hows" You Must Know to Get (and Keep) Your ADHD Coaching Business Running Smoothly

  • You're a coach (or are in the process).
  • You’re determined (maybe even a bit nervous) to put yourself out there, get clients and change the world.
  • You  want to do it right...

But... are you ready? Is your business ready?

Find out if you have what it takes!

"360 Degree Holistic Heart Centered ADHD Life Coach Training!"

Host: Laurie Dupar, PMHNP, RN, PCC

ADHD Life Coach and Founder of the

Hey folks, Laurie Dupar here. I have a confession…

The only class I've ever dropped was Business 101. Yup, it’s true…I have no formal business training.

Instead of having to do it the "right" way I learned how to do what "works"! It must be working because I built a sustainable six figure online coaching business that has allowed me to live my passion for over a decade (and made it possible to launch my second business – The International ADHD Coach Training Center ).

How do I do it? I surround myself with people who know. I've learned and sweated through building it with some of the best, and now I’m ready to pass on the information to you. Why? Because I want you to succeed without having to recreate the wheel! I know how crazy awesome it feels to do what you love…and live the lifestyle you want…and I know there is no reason you can’t have this too.

So...join me and my team as we give you the inside secrets to get your coaching business running easily, smoothly and successfully.

~ Laurie

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone(s) tell you “how to?”

What would you do with all those hours you save knowing the answers?

You can, because we are pulling back the curtain and giving you what you need to know to run a successful, profitable and sustainable coaching business (or any online business for that matter!).

The Five "Hows" You Must Know to Get (and Keep) Your ADHD Coaching Business Running Smoothly

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