2017 is quickly you have a plan for success?

ADDvance Your Business Retreat: Strategic Business Planning Made Easy


The One-Day Virtual Workshop to Help You Plan Your Year So You Can…Serve More Clients, Better Manage Your Time and Get Things Done!

Who is this retreat for?

The ADDvance Your Business Planning Retreat is for you if you’re an ADHD coach or life coach (or any entrepreneur) who:

  • Needs a more effective strategy to market your business and attract your ideal clients
  • Works tirelessly all day long, but often finishes the day with a feeling of “what did I actually get done today?”
  • Understands where you want your business to go, but feels overwhelmed with your daily activities, like you’ll never have time for more 
  • Is confused about planning – whether it’s finding the time to plan and then finding the time to implement the plan, or how to prioritize so you stop being so scattered
  • Is earning less than $5,000 per month and wish you could earn an income that removed financial stress from your life

You will also take a look back at 2016. We’ll review what worked and what didn’t so you’ll have a clear understanding of where to put your marketing energy this year. No plan in 2016? No worries…a clean slate can be a great place to start…all uphill from there as they say!

After this one-day workshop, you will walk away with:

A complete top-to-bottom marketing plan for 2017 with your professional milestones, steps, and tasks scheduled so you can put yourself on autopilot

Knowledge of your big goals and how to reach your smaller goals by working your way backwards to plan out your months, weeks, and days.


  • Lifetime access to the audio recordings and workbook, to move at your own pace and revisit the material any time you need a refresher during the year
  • PDF workbook filled with printable worksheets, exercises, calendars, and templates that are yours to use during the retreat and can be used to stretch your strategic muscles and solidify your 2017 plan

Breaking through your money barriers, getting clear on money roles and goals in your business and how to create a marketing plan that feels authentic and value-based.

Module 5 - Putting it All Together

Module 2 - Year Ahead

Reviewing your last year in business to see what worked and what didn’t to fuel your year ahead.

Breaking down the eagle’s eye view of your year to “back-plan” your way to success.

What’s Included in the ADDvance Your Business Planning Retreat?

Module 3 - Marketing Plan & Calendar

Module 1 - Year in Review

Creating a comprehensive marketing calendar, broken down by months, weeks, and days.

During the five-hour (plus Q&A) virtual retreat, we will work through five modules covering everything you need to build a comprehensive 2017 plan.

Module 4 - Money, Marketing & Authenticity

Combining your money flow with your marketing activities and big picture goals to serve your clients in a whole new way in the year ahead.

Thank you, Laurie! I now make a more effective use of daily and weekly time and more intentional planning for marketing and information.

I'm now documenting and tracking my plan so that it's my starting point for next year and most of it can simply be updated or just duplicated! Woohoo!

Laurie Dupar's ADDVance Your Business Planning Retreat was a wake up call for me! It brought insight and consciousness to what I'm doing. At the end of the day, I had a plan I can follow, track, adjust and duplicate. Having Laurie's guidance, resources and knowledge as I went through this process with others on the teleconference, made it so easy to get the work done!


Marla Resnick, Speech Pathologist

Host: Laurie Dupar

I created this workshop because I’ve experienced the stress and frustration of running a business without a plan. In the early days of my business, I put in countless hours doing my best work with clients, but I wasn’t making the kind of impact I wanted and had no clue how to grow. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel constantly moving, but not getting anywhere.

And then, after attending a conference where I created a detailed marketing plan for my business, I started to see immediate, drastic change. Every year thereafter, I refined my plan and experienced more and more success. Now, 12 years, two businesses and multiple six-figures later, I’m living proof that having a plan WORKS. By mapping out my goals and crafting my calendar, I’m able to leverage my time to reach more people, change more lives, and feel financial freedom.

Now, I have the honor of sharing my message throughout the ADHD and coaching communities. I host a yearly telesummit with some of the most respected ADHD experts in the country. I’m a featured guest on radio shows and podcasts, and travel all over the country to speak at conferences.

I know I was able to participate in all of these amazing opportunities because I took the time upfront to plan and be clear about my priorities so I was ready when these chances came my way.

And now, I want to help you do the same.

ADDvance Your Business Retreat:


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