ADHD Medication Answers:

How They Work & How to Know

If They Are Working for You

Frustrated & Confused About ADHD Medications?

Cost: $197

(or 2 payments of $98.50)

Get Peace of Mind When You Know:

Why am I giving stimulants to my hyperactive child?

When is the best time to take my medication?

How do I get my prescriber to listen to me?

How can I tell if it's the right medication?

Do I take the medication on the weekend or 

give to my child over vacations?

How do I talk to my clients about medication?

ADHD Medications Can Seem Scary When You Don't Have The Answers to...

Which side effects should I worry about?

Will the medications stunt my child's growth?

Can ADHD medications be abused or addictive?

Will the medications show up in a drug test at work and get me fired?

Good News! The Confusion Can End Now!

ADHD Medication Answers:  

How They Work & How to Know If

They Are Working for You 

Tele Course

Only $197

Or 2 payments of $98.50

What the Course is About

Five, 1½ hour teleclasses that comprehensively explain ADHD medication so you can make an informed choice about ADHD medication for yourself or a loved one.

Taught by Laurie Dupar, trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and 17 year credentialed ADHD life coach.

The course will focus on the "hows" of ADHD medications:  

  • How ADHD medications work
  • How ADHD medications can offset the challenges of ADHD 
  • How to minimize side effects and
  • How you know if your ADHD medication is working optimally...and what you can do if it isn't.

NOTE: The ADHD Medication Answers: How They Work & How to Know If They Are Working for You is a part of the International ADHD Coach Training Center ( curriculum that is also offered to all persons wanting to understand more about their ADHD. You do not have to be a student of the iACTcenter or even considering becoming a coach to enroll or benefit from this course. 

5 Weeks to Understanding Your ADHD Medication Choices

Week 1 The ADHD Brain and How ADHD Medications Work

Week 2 Executive Functions and ADHD Medications: What’s the Connection

Week 3 Stimulants, Non-Stimulants and Other ADHD Medication Made Simple

Week 4 Top Three ADHD Medication Pitfalls: How to Know if Your ADHD Medication is Working for You

Week 5  Navigating the ADHD Medication Maze;13 Key Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Other Tools and Strategies for Making Sure Your ADHD Medication is Right for You

Plus Special Bonuses

Handouts, Tools and Weekly Notes sent directly to you so can keep track of what you learn

Imagine finding the answer to all of your concerns about ADHD medication.

Imagine the peace of mind from finally understanding the potential and the limits of ADHD medication.

Clear. Concise. Simple. Without fear or confusion.

→ Immediate access to the mp3 recordings so you can easily download and add them to your reference library today!

ADHD Medication Tracking Checklist to help you determine the best ADHD medication for you, keep track of side effects, notice when a medication starts to “wear off” and other key information

→ Our Exclusive Guide: “13 Key Questions to Ask Your Prescriber About Your ADHD Medications” to help you get the answers you need from your prescriber about your ADHD medication 

Who's it For?  

  • What is the best ADHD medication?
  • Which medication side effects are normal and which ones are scary?
  • Why do I give someone who is hyperactive a stimulant?
  • Do I take ADHD medication even on weekends?
  • How do I know if this is the right ADHD medication?
  • What are the long term side effects of taking ADHD medication?
  • Are ADHD medications addictive?
  • How can I tell if this medication is working?
  • How do I explain to someone about ADHD medications?
  • Will medication hurt my child's growth and development?
  • Can ADHD medication be abused?

This course will give you the answers

you’re looking for.

Anyone impacted by ADHD who want to finally have a full understanding of ADHD medication - how it works, how to know which is the right ADHD medication for you or a loved one and how to minimize side effects. That includes people with ADHD, parents or loved ones of a child, teen or spouse with ADHD, and coaches, therapists, psychologists who work with people with ADHD who desire a no-nonsense, practical, science-based understanding of ADHD medications so you can make the best choice for you.  

So...If You've Ever Wondered...

ADHD Medication Answers:

How They Work & How to Know 

If They Are Working for You TeleClass

Only: $197

Or 2 payments of $98.50

You don’t have to be the one taking medication for this course to be beneficial – having the answers and understanding helps you to support others make a well informed decision not to mention how to explain ADHD medication to others!

People just like you!

What People Are Saying About Previous Courses

I listened to the first class on Minimizing ADHD Medication Madness. Thank you, I loved it! You made it playful and fun which helped me a lot to have an understanding of the neurons and how it works. You also clarified the neurotransmitter missing or not functioning well. This information will definitely help me in my coaching practice!” 

 ~ Naima Laraki, NL Coach, Ottawa, Canada

I loved tonight's class, and I am SO glad I signed up for this series! I appreciate the depth of knowledge provided here. Your scientific info was simplified but not dumbed-down, and I appreciate how tricky that is. Your analogies really helped make the concepts clear. I'm looking forward to being able to have an intelligent, informed conversation with my doctor as we look at options for medication... well done, Laurie!"  

~ Anne Marie

 Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the medications classes! They have been very helpful in helping me sift through the conversation I am rehearsing in my head for my child as we embark on a medication adjustment."


Please extend my gratitude to Laurie for her professionalism and her compassionate attitude and tone of voice throughout the class. The feeling of being deeply understood in my own being is a good feeling. For once. Totally new for me. Finally. After a life of profound distress, multiple failures, and final shutdown of my professional activities four years ago, prior to the diagnosis. 

~ Y.H.

Your class has been very helpful for myself and will also allow me to better explain ADHD and medications to parents with whom I work.

~ Marcie Foster, School Psychologist

Who's Laurie Dupar?

Laurie Dupar, is a trained Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and 17 year credentialed ADHD life coach with 30+ years experience working in the mental wellness field.  She is a recognized leader and expert on the topic of ADHD and coaching. In 2015 she founded the International ADHD Coach Training Center ( where she trains people from around the world to be Certified ADHD Life Coaches (CALC) and be able to use their experience with ADHD to make a difference while making a living.

ADHD Medication Answers:

How They Work & How to Know 

If They Are Working for You 


Only: $197

Or 2 payments of $98.50

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